Quickest Entitlement Approval to Date

Quickest Entitlement Approval to Date

Congratulation to the team at Green Development for the quickest entitlement approval to date. 3 months from submission to approval for a new construction detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) duplex 649 SF each.

Imagine doubling your unit count without the California land basis!

Case Study (Conservative): Existing Duplex Multifamily ADU

Hard + Soft Cost: $377,787 (188,893 /door)

NoI: $36,000 ($2,000 Mnt/Unit @ 25% OPEX)

Completed Project Valuation: $900,000 (@ 4% Cap Rate) Profit: $522,213

ROI: 138% (1 Year timeline 3 Months Entitlement, 6 months construction, 3 Month Lease Up)

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