About Us

About Us

Andrew Slocum is the founder of Green Development Company

A full-service development and consulting firm specializing in single-family, multi-family, and affordable housing projects. With a strong commitment to social and environmental impact, Andrew divides each project into three categories: environmental responsiveness, resource efficiency, and community and cultural sensitivity.

Andrew supervises, schedules, and coordinates development projects with a team of consultants, including architects, engineers, landscape architects, soils and environmental engineers, and other experts, to ensure necessary approvals and adherence to strict schedules. He is also an advocate and coordinator with local, state, and federal legislative and policy makers, seeking to support affordable housing and implement effective housing programs.

In addition to his professional work, Andrew volunteers with the Pasadena Humane Shelter in their cat house and with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. Currently, Andrew continues to work exclusively with the City of Pasadena and West Hollywood on their ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) programs. His goal is to expand his company's reach and make a positive impact in more communities by developing sustainable, affordable, and socially conscious housing projects.

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